Terms of Use Lotus Scale

Terms of use http://lotusscale.com website are valuable items while the user is engaged or visit the website.

1. user account (account): When you register for an account, you should provide sufficient information on the name, address, phone, ... This information is not mandatory, but if there are risk, loss later, we only accept these cases properly and fully complete the information above. The case filled lack of information or false information will not be resolved. This information will be used as a basis to support the resolution.

If you provide any information that is not truthful or accurate, or if we have the basis to suspect that such information is not true information or inaccurate, we may suspend temporarily time to verify or terminate the use of your Account and refuse all use of the Service (or any part of the Service) at the present time or later without having to take any responsibility What for you.

2. The password for the account (account password): In account management, for an account, players will have a password and a password level 2 password is used to log into the website.

Password level 2 is used for the function in the material published or comment. Author (Author) have a responsibility to yourself to preserve the password and password level 2, if the password or password level 2 is exposed in any form, 'lotusscale.com' will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

3. Absolutely not use any programs, tools or any other form of interference in the system 'lotusscale.com' or alter the content (hacks, cheats, bots ...). All violations will be detected when handled in accordance with law.

4. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or cheer for any activity to intervene, vandalism or enters data 'lotusscale.com' as well as server systems.

5. Upon detection of an error of the game, please notify us by sending a message in the "contact"

6. Do not accept the sale of 'documents / files / documents / brochures / catalogs' or account 'lotusscale.com' real money or cash. In case the user violates this provision, we do not have any responsibility in restoring the account and the account will be locked permanently.

7. When communicating 'Comments / questions and answers / comments' with others, you are harassed, cursed, or disturb any public antisocial behavior toward others / authors.

8. Absolutely prohibits insulting, mocking others / author in any form (ridicule, derision, religious discrimination, gender, ethnicity ....).

9. 'lotusscale.com' reserves the right to remove, repair, or modify the data, account information in case he violates the above rules without the consent of the user.

10. Absolutely prohibits all acts of propaganda, and slanders against the government, political institutions, and the policies of the government ... In case of detection, not the deleted account we can provide information of the person for the authorities to deal with according to law.

11. None of these behaviors, attitudes, damaging the reputation of the products (equipment) as well as companies that provide in any form, method. All violations will be stripped of all rights relating to the 'author / members'.

12. Any personal information of our customers will be secure, undisclosed out. We do not sell or exchange this information with any other third party.

13. As mentioned above, any registration information of members will be kept confidential, but in case authorities request, we will be required to provide this information to the authorities.

14. 'lotusscale.com' may change, supplement or modify this agreement at any time and will be announced on the website as well as clear the board.

15. 'lotusscale.com' has the right to delete the user account if the account is not used to log into the 'lotusscale.com' after 30 days of registration.

! Full rights of content: Golden Lotus Scales - Measuring Equipment company

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