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New retail scale CL-3000 series

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New retail scale CL-3000 series Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

New retail scale CL-3000 series

• Memory capacity : 3,000PLU
• Speed key : B-type (40direct plu or 60 direct plu)
P-Type (72direct plu)
• High-speed thermal printer (100mm / sec)
• Paper replacing method : cartridge
• 40 fixed format & 20 customized format design

• Wireless bridge card


Max.capacity(kg)   6   6/15 15/30
Readability(g)   2   2/5 5/10
External resolution 1/3,000 (dual interval)
Display Type 24 Numeric + Graphic
Printing speed 100mm / sec
Printer resolution 202 dpi
Label size(mm) Width : 40~60, 30~100
Power AC 180~240V 50/60Hz
Platter size(mm) 380 x 240
Product weight(kg) 6.95(CI3000-B), 7.65(CI3000-P)
I / O RS232c, RJ11, TCP / IP

Retail scale / Price scale / Computing scale / Commecial scale / Supper market scale / Wire or wireless network connected scale system

Different Barcode Type and Weight Unit can be selected freely for each PLU in one scale.World Originated design based on the idea of POS management. Work with Pinnacle software solutions: PLU manager, Network manager, Label Editing tool to generate EAN 18 code for management of goods. The first Barcode Label Scale compatible with graphic design application, adjustable label size.Scales' date can be transferred via wireless network(optional).

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New retail scale CL-3000 series New retail scale CL-3000 series Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach 2189 query visit.
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Electronic scale CL-3000 , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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