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Simple Weighing Indicator CI- 200A series

(Code: CI-2001A)
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Simple Weighing Indicator CI- 200A series Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

It is an indicator which can measure weight values faster and more accurately with outstanding performance. Clear LED/LCD display - Number key & function key applied (rubber type) - Multi-purpose cradle (MPC) - Easy and prompt Full digital calibration.

The CI-200 Series, a family of digital indicators weighing providing full featured versatility and dependability at an economical price. A wide array of standard features include either 304 stainless steel IP67 rated or hardened plastic NEMA 12 enclosures, AC or DC operation, choice of dry cell or rechargeable battery, full function numeric keypad, ID capabilities, and much more.

- Available in hardened plastic NEMA 12 enclosure and 304 stainless steel IP67 enclosure
- AC or DC operation
- Choice of dry cell or rechargeable battery
- Full function numeric keypad
- ID capabilities
- RS-232 output
- Time and date
- Accumulation and counting capabilities
- Hi/Lo alarm
- Weight back up
- Over/Under/Accept annunciators (CI-200SC)
- Wall/desk mount included
- Choose the "Quick Connect" load cell connector or Universal load cell connector for the CI-200S/CI-200SC
- Legal for trade - COC# 11-026


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Simple Weighing Indicator CI- 200A series Simple Weighing Indicator CI- 200A series Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach Đánh giá 4/5 1887 điểm query visit.
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Electronic scale CI-2001A , supply by Golden Lotus scales.


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