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Loadcell BCL (H) (60-200kgf)

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Loadcell BCL (H) (60-200kgf) Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

The CAS BCL Single Point Load Cell Series is a highly accurate single point load cell. IP65 rated. It is ideal for OEM applications such as electronic scales and weighing machines. The single point design is highly resistant to eccentric loading allowing direct mounting to the scale base and weighing platform. BCL is ideal for platforms up to 400 x 400mm. Capacities range from: 1kg ~ 200kg all that you need Measuring equipment at Golden Lotus weighing scale with electronic scales and balance scales.

FEATURES CAS BCL Single Point Load Cell

- Low-profile
- Off center compensated
- Protection class IP65
- Material - Anodized Aluminum
- Mounting - Socket-head cap screw M3 0.5(10.9) Tightening torque: 1.5Nm
- Cable - Braided Shield 4-wire round cable with PVC-Jacket
- Maximum Platform Size - 200 x 200mm


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Loadcell BCL (H) (60-200kgf) Loadcell BCL (H) (60-200kgf) Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach Đánh giá 4/5 1865 điểm query visit.
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Electronic scale BCL-H , supply by Golden Lotus scales.


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