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Industrial counting scale AC Series

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Industrial counting scale AC Series Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

Counting Scale AC series

- Pivoting indicator
- Accurate and easy operating
- Easy-to-read VFD display
- Die casting platform
- Stainless steel weighing pan
- Auto span adjustment & auto zero tracking

-Price computing scale    (Model : 30AM, 60AM, 150AM)

Model 25AC 50AC 100AC
Weighing Capacity 25kg x 5g 50kg x 10g 100kg x 20g
Maximum Tare 9.995kg 19.99kg 39.98kg
Display Digit 5/ 5/ 5
(Number/ Weight/ Unit Weight)
Power Source AC 110/ 120/ 220/ 240V, 50/ 60Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 10W
Platter Size(mm) 390(W) x 510(D)
Dimesions(mm) 420(W) x 610(D) x 825(H)
Product Weight 19kg

Industrial counting scale AC Series

Industrial counting scale / Bench counting scale / Basic counting scale

Why count parts by hand? It is boring, time consuming and consistently prone to human error. See our new Series counting scales is the answer. They offer efficiency and elimination of high labor cost. The counting scale pays for itself in no time. We offer Counting Scales, and parts counting scales. When the parts start to become very small (lighter than say the weight of a #1 Standard Paper Clip which weighs approximately 0.4 grams) we recommend a precision balance with the parts counting feature like the Smart Series to achieve a more precise count for small parts.

Counting scale offers all of the features called for in industrial warehousing and production applications - ease of use, simple robust construction for factory floor durability, genuine portability, and just the right levels of counting performance.

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Electronic scale AC , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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