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Basic popular post scale PD-II Series

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Basic popular post scale PD-II Series Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

CAS PD-II-60LB and PD-II-15 LB POS Interface Scales

Weigh in Pounds or Ounces

PD2 POS Interface retail scale connects to most cash registers or POS computers. PD2 / PDII scales
are used in supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, and other retail & food service environments.
PD-II scale features dual scale display, stainless steel platter, auto range and auto zero tracking.

Produce / Meat / Cafeteria / Ice Cream / Yogurt / Hardware / Candy / Nuts

  • 60 lb.Capacity / 15 lb. Capacity
  • Legal for Trade, COC # 92-174A4
  • Interface with Most ECRs & POS Systems
  • Use as a Bench Scales
  • Standard RS232, 4 Bit Parallel
  • Easy to Read Tilt Display
  • Stainless Steel Platter
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • OPOS Driver Available

Basic popular post scale PD-II Series

Industrial scale / Basicscale / Simplescale

Digital weighing scales are the most widely used multipurpose weighing products in the world. Our models are designed to assist in day-to-day operations, either in a kitchen, medical practice, gym, retail or hardware shop and are reliable and easy to use. Some models also feature basic counting functions.

Simple Weighing Scale with high accuracy. AC or Battery operation. Small and portable. Max Capacity: 200g ~ 5kg

Stainless steel portion control scale with battery operation. High internal resolution for accurate weighing.

Waterproof scale with battery operation. Easily portable and Trade Approved.

Portable Bench Scale with large detachable LCD display and white backlight. Tare & Hold functions. Large carry handle and robust base. Able to connect to PC or Printer. AC mains, Rechargeable Battery

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Basic popular post scale PD-II Series Basic popular post scale PD-II Series Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach 2045 query visit.
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Electronic scale PD-II , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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