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GR series - analytical balance AND

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GR series - analytical balance AND Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

GR series - analytical balance AND


  • Semi-micro, 0.01 mg resolution up to forty two g (GR-202)
  • Handy lever on the front to open either facet of the advisement chamber for fast and economical access
  • Small footprint of 249 metric linear unit by 330 metric linear unit to save lots of house
  • Adjustable (manual or automatic) response characteristics to assist deal with the result of drafts and vibrations
  • Automatic self standardisation to take care of accuracy underneath temperature changes
  • Anti-static glass breeze split a skinny gaseous metal coating
  • Multiple advisement units: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain, relative density (either weight or tola will be accessorial upon request)
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Data memory operate
  • Counting mode with the automated numeration Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) operate
  • Percent mode operate
  • Auto power on operate
  • Underhook operate
  • Density determination operate associate degreed an elective density determination kit
  • Windows Communication Tools code (WinCT) on read-only storage

External Input/Output
RS-232C interface

AD-1653 : Density determination Kit
AD-1671 : Anti-vibration table for balances
AD-1672 : Tabletop breeze break
AD-1682 : Rechargeable battery unit
AD-1683 : Static eliminator
AD-1684 : Electrostatic field meter
AD-1687 : Weighing environment logger
AD-1688 : Weighing data logger
AD-1689 : Tweezers for calibration weight
AD-8118C : Universal printer
AD-8121B : Compact printer
AD-8526 : Serial/Ethernet converter
AD-8527 : Quick USB adapter
AD-8920A : Remote display
AD-8922A : Remote controller
AX-USB-25P : Serial/USB converter
AX-SW128 : Foot switch
AX-T-314A-S : External key plug
Model GR-202 GR-120 GR-200 GR-300
Weighing capacity 42 g/210 g 120 g 210 g 310 g
Minimum weighing value 0.01 mg/0.1 mg 0.1 mg
Repeatability (Standard deviation) 0.02 mg/0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.2 mg
Linearity ±0.03 mg /±0.2 mg ±0.2 mg ±0.3 mg
Sensitivity drift (10 °C to 30 °C) ±2 ppm/˚C (when automatic self calibration is not used)
Weighing pan Ø85 mm

Analytical Balances / Precision Balances / Micro scale / Laboratory scale

Accurate precision measuring for laboratory weighing applications requiring 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability. AND Weighing, Mettler-Toledo, Ohaus, Sartorius balances at deep discount prices. Precision Weighing Balances offers the entire line of analytical balances including the new Series. Some is made in the USA, Japan and offers 210 g x 0.1mg all model features a large display for easy viewing. When need a 100g x 0.0001g shipped today be sure to see the kind of our Analytical balance

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GR series - analytical balance AND GR series - analytical balance AND Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach 2076 query visit.
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