ABS plastic granules are usually supplied in bulk quantities and are widely employed in plastic, automobile and electronic weighing industries, ABS plastic most for weighing scales applications and weighing indicator They are resistant to ordinary wear and tear.

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3590EQ Evolved Weighing Indicator Build_in Qwerty Keyboard

SKU: 3590EQ
The Dini Argeo 3590EQ weight indicator built-in QWERTY keyboard that makes compiling archives and text easy. Evolved Weighing indicator 3590EQ series Many add-ons and printers can be connected for the most interfaceability and flexibility. It is both CE-M approvable and certified with various qualifications such as the EU Type Examination Certificate, OIML R76, and Australian legal for trade certificate of approval.

3590ET Touch Screen 5.7 inches weight indicator for industrial applications

SKU: 3590ET
The Dini Argeo 3590ET TOUCH is a digital weight indicator for industrial applications. It features a large touch screen display, serial ports, configurable printouts, alibi memory, and a port for barcode/badge reader. The 3590ET weighing indicator Dini Argeo includes AF01 software and printer and is held in an ABS enclosure with a color display.

3590ET8 Touch Screen 8 inch weight indicator for industrial applications

SKU: 3590ET8
With its large 8" touch screen display, the Dini Argeo 3590ET8 weight indicator is the perfect device for advanced industrial applications. Screens are customizable, making it easy to manage and visualize weighing data. In addition to its Ethernet ports and transmission protocols, the device Dini Argeo 3590ET8 weighing indicator also features configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and a connection port for barcode/badge readers.

3590EXP Enterprise weighing indicator designed for advanced industrial systems

SKU: 3590EXP
The Dini Argeo 3590EXP ENTERPRISE is a weight indicator specifically designed for advanced industrial use and is packaged in ABS IP65. This Dini Argeo 3590EXP digital weight indicator is designed for high performance. It is CE-M approved and comes with a waterproof keyboard, red LED display, and synoptic bar graph. 3590EXP weighing indicator suitable for installation on benches, columns, or walls.