IP65 Enclosure – IP rated as dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. IP 65 class is a way of showing the effectiveness of electrical enclosures in blocking foreign bodies such as dust, moisture, liquids

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3590EGTB8 Panel Touch Screen 8 inches weight indicator IP65 SUS case

SKU: 3590EGTB8
The Dini Argeo 3590EGTB8 weight indicator model is a panel weight indicator that comes with an 8" touch screen display, as well as a durable stainless steel front and an Ethernet port. Dini Argeo industrial 3590EGTB8 weighing indicator enables the user to develop custom application programs and successfully integrate debuggers with PC programming tools. The device 3590 indicator series also offers full customization of work interfaces to easily manage weighing data, streamlining user operations.

3590EQ Evolved Weighing Indicator Build_in Qwerty Keyboard

SKU: 3590EQ
The Dini Argeo 3590EQ weight indicator built-in QWERTY keyboard that makes compiling archives and text easy. Evolved Weighing indicator 3590EQ series Many add-ons and printers can be connected for the most interfaceability and flexibility. It is both CE-M approvable and certified with various qualifications such as the EU Type Examination Certificate, OIML R76, and Australian legal for trade certificate of approval.

3590EXP Enterprise weighing indicator designed for advanced industrial systems

SKU: 3590EXP
The Dini Argeo 3590EXP ENTERPRISE is a weight indicator specifically designed for advanced industrial use and is packaged in ABS IP65. This Dini Argeo 3590EXP digital weight indicator is designed for high performance. It is CE-M approved and comes with a waterproof keyboard, red LED display, and synoptic bar graph. 3590EXP weighing indicator suitable for installation on benches, columns, or walls.

ATEX zone 0 GEX-FZ-1G precision laboratory balance, for Hazardous Areas

Discover the world of Dini Argeo's explosion-proof scales, ensuring safety in hazardous environments. Explore ATEX precision, zone 0, and more !

Digital 3590ET8D Touch Screen weighing indicator for digital weighbridges

SKU: 3590ET8D
The Touch Indicator 3590 Series by Dini Argeo features an 8" touch display, configurable printouts, and an integrated alibi memory. The 3590ET8D 8 inches Touch Screen weighing indicator for digital weighbridges device is CE-M compliant and includes an ethernet and three serial ports. It can manage various digital load cells available in the market and can easily be integrated into your company's network.

Digital 3590ETD Touch Screen weighing indicator for weighbridges

SKU: 3590ETD
The Digital weighing indicator 3590ETD that utilizes a 5.7 inch touch screen display. This device 3590ETD Dini Argeo weight indicator for digital weighbridges can manage digital load cells and allows the user to view all relevant weighing data, customize screens, and streamline operations. CE-M approved (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

Precision bench balance GEX-FZK-1G for ATEX Zone 0 Elevate Now

Discover the world of Dini Argeo's explosion-proof scales, Unlock safety and precision with the GEX-FZ-1G bench balance—ideal for ATEX Zone 0. Weigh confidently and elevate your operations today!