Programmable weight indicator is a freely programmable weighing terminal approved for Trade use, Programmable indicator support standard programming languages, programmable digital touchscreen indicator can make your industrial weighing process more efficient

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3590EGT8 Touch Screen 8 inches weight indicator IP68 SUS case

SKU: 3590EGT8
( Touch screen display from the 3590 series, stainless steel front panel, and standard Ethernet port. The 3590 weighing indicator

3590EGTB8 Panel Touch Screen 8 inches weight indicator IP65 SUS case

SKU: 3590EGTB8
The Dini Argeo 3590EGTB8 weight indicator model is a panel weight indicator that comes with an 8" touch screen display, as well as a durable stainless steel front and an Ethernet port. Dini Argeo industrial 3590EGTB8 weighing indicator enables the user to develop custom application programs and successfully integrate debuggers with PC programming tools. The device 3590 indicator series also offers full customization of work interfaces to easily manage weighing data, streamlining user operations.

3590EGTBOX8 Touch screen 8 inches Kiosk Weight Indicator For Self-Service Systems

STAINLESS steel kiosk with 8″ touch screen weight indicator, perfect for self-service weighbridges management. 3590EGTBOX8 weighing indicator Fitted with thermal printer

3590EQ Evolved Weighing Indicator Build_in Qwerty Keyboard

SKU: 3590EQ
The Dini Argeo 3590EQ weight indicator built-in QWERTY keyboard that makes compiling archives and text easy. Evolved Weighing indicator 3590EQ series Many add-ons and printers can be connected for the most interfaceability and flexibility. It is both CE-M approvable and certified with various qualifications such as the EU Type Examination Certificate, OIML R76, and Australian legal for trade certificate of approval.

3590ET Touch Screen 5.7 inches weight indicator for industrial applications

SKU: 3590ET
The Dini Argeo 3590ET TOUCH is a digital weight indicator for industrial applications. It features a large touch screen display, serial ports, configurable printouts, alibi memory, and a port for barcode/badge reader. The 3590ET weighing indicator Dini Argeo includes AF01 software and printer and is held in an ABS enclosure with a color display.

3590ET8 Touch Screen 8 inch weight indicator for industrial applications

SKU: 3590ET8
With its large 8" touch screen display, the Dini Argeo 3590ET8 weight indicator is the perfect device for advanced industrial applications. Screens are customizable, making it easy to manage and visualize weighing data. In addition to its Ethernet ports and transmission protocols, the device Dini Argeo 3590ET8 weighing indicator also features configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and a connection port for barcode/badge readers.

3590EXP Enterprise weighing indicator designed for advanced industrial systems

SKU: 3590EXP
The Dini Argeo 3590EXP ENTERPRISE is a weight indicator specifically designed for advanced industrial use and is packaged in ABS IP65. This Dini Argeo 3590EXP digital weight indicator is designed for high performance. It is CE-M approved and comes with a waterproof keyboard, red LED display, and synoptic bar graph. 3590EXP weighing indicator suitable for installation on benches, columns, or walls.

Digital 3590ET8D Touch Screen weighing indicator for digital weighbridges

SKU: 3590ET8D
The Touch Indicator 3590 Series by Dini Argeo features an 8" touch display, configurable printouts, and an integrated alibi memory. The 3590ET8D 8 inches Touch Screen weighing indicator for digital weighbridges device is CE-M compliant and includes an ethernet and three serial ports. It can manage various digital load cells available in the market and can easily be integrated into your company's network.

Digital 3590ETD Touch Screen weighing indicator for weighbridges

SKU: 3590ETD
The Digital weighing indicator 3590ETD that utilizes a 5.7 inch touch screen display. This device 3590ETD Dini Argeo weight indicator for digital weighbridges can manage digital load cells and allows the user to view all relevant weighing data, customize screens, and streamline operations. CE-M approved (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

Industrial Weight Indicator 3590EGT Touch Screen with 5.7-Inch Display

SKU: 3590EGT
For industrial applications, the Dini Argeo 3590EGT TOUCH is a digital weight indicator. It is equipped with a large touchscreen display, several serial ports, configurable printouts, alibi memory, and a port intended for barcode/badge readers. The Dini argeo 3590EGT weighing indicator device includes AF01 software integrated with a printer and confined within an ABS enclosure that also has a color display.  

The 3590EGTT Touch Screen Weight Indicator Industrial Powerful

The 3590EGTT Dini Argeo is a customizable, touch screen weight indicator for industrial applications. Dini Argeo 3590 weight indicator it has various features, such as a resistive touch screen, 3 serial ports, and is approved for CE-M. The Touch screen 5.7 inches indicator  has multilingual software and a 15-key alphanumeric keyboard, and is suitable for use with gloves. 3590 weighing indicator It is made of IP68 AISI304 stainless steel and comes with a real-time clock, adjustable bracket, and alibi memory. It also has a built-in micro SD slot for customized screens and logos.