IECEX3GD Weight indicator for Ex areas classified as hazardous. ATEX/IECEx marking IECEX and ATEX certified for Zones 2 and 22. IECEx certification. Suitable to realize weighing, dosing and automation systems. IECEX scales and ATEX scales for industrial weighing scales, Atex bench scales, Atex floor scales for safe operation in hazardous zones

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3590EGT-IECEX3GD Touch Screen EX Weighing Indicator for 2 & 22 Zones

Dini Argeo Industrial Weighing indicator IECEX3GD with a large touch screen display designed for ATEX 2 & 22 hazardous locations prone to explosions. Certified with protection methods according to ATEX II 3G Ex nR IIB T6 Gc X for gases and ATEX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc IP68 X for dust. The Dini Argeo weight indicator comes equipped with 3 serial ports, integrated alibi memory, and is easily configured for printouts, making it ideal for advanced industrial applications...