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Dini Argeo Exploring Easy Pesa 2GD in ATEX hazardous areas


Exploring Easy Pesa 2GD: ATEX Zone Stainless Steel Explosion-Proof Weighing Solution

In the world of hazardous environments, safety and precision are paramount. That’s where the Easy Pesa 2GD steps in as a game-changer. This exceptional **ATEX Zone** stainless steel explosion-proof weighing solution is meticulously designed to cater to specific needs within hazardous ATEX zones. Let’s delve into the remarkable features and benefits of the Easy Pesa 2GD that positions it as a standout choice in its league.



Unveiling the Easy Pesa 2GD: ATEX Zone Safety Refined

Harnessing Long-lasting Power with Rechargeable Battery

The Easy Pesa 2GD boasts an innovative power source – a rechargeable battery that offers extended usage cycles. This feature not only enhances convenience but also enables effortless installation in crucial areas. Unlike conventional solutions, these weighing scales eliminate the need for power outlets within hazardous zones, as well as ATEX-rated power cables.

Precision Craftsmanship: Entirely Stainless Steel

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the Easy Pesa 2GD exudes durability and reliability. This material choice ensures resistance to corrosion, a vital characteristic for equipment intended for rugged and demanding environments. The stainless steel construction guarantees the longevity of the weighing scales, even in the harshest conditions.

Dedicated to Hazardous ATEX Zones

Designed with a specific focus on ATEX zones, the Easy Pesa 2GD conforms to stringent safety standards. This ensures its suitability for environments where the risk of explosion is a concern. With certifications like Ex II 2G IIC T4 Gb X and Ex II 2D IIIC T197°C Db X, this weighing solution stands as a testament to its compliance and commitment to safety.

Advantages of Easy Pesa 2GD


Seamlessly Safe Installation

The absence of reliance on external power sources or complicated electrical setups simplifies the installation process of the Easy Pesa 2GD. This feature is particularly advantageous in hazardous zones where every element of safety and simplicity counts. The portable and self-contained nature of these weighing scales means they can be strategically placed without hindrance.

Uncompromised Precision

Precision is non-negotiable, especially in hazardous environments where accuracy could mean the difference between a smooth operation and a catastrophe. The Easy Pesa 2GD achieves remarkable precision, ensuring that every measurement is reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. This level of accuracy contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of operations within ATEX zones.

ATEX Compliance: Safety Redefined

The Easy Pesa 2GD stands as an embodiment of safety and adherence to ATEX regulations. Equipped with Ex certifications, these weighing scales have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can operate within explosive-prone atmospheres without posing a risk. This compliance isn’t just a label; it’s a guarantee of protection and reliability.

Elevating Safety Standards: ATEX Compliance and More


The ATEX Factor: Ex II 2G IIC T4 Gb X and Ex II 2D IIIC T197°C Db X

The Easy Pesa 2GD proudly carries the Ex II 2G IIC T4 Gb X and Ex II 2D IIIC T197°C Db X certifications. These certifications underscore its capability to function safely within zones where explosive gases and dust are potential hazards. The stringent testing processes validate its performance in high-risk settings, providing peace of mind to operators and stakeholders.

Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in ATEX Weighing Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of hazardous environments, the Easy Pesa 2GD emerges as a beacon of innovation and safety. Its unique blend of stainless steel durability, rechargeable battery convenience, and ATEX compliance positions it as a frontrunner in the realm of explosion-proof weighing solutions. For industries that prioritize safety, accuracy, and efficiency, the Easy Pesa 2GD is a resounding choice that bridges the gap between precision and protection.



Q1: What defines the Easy Pesa 2GD?

A1: The Easy Pesa 2GD is a revolutionary weighing solution engineered to excel within hazardous ATEX zones, ensuring the highest levels of safety and precision even in the most challenging conditions.

Q2: How does the Easy Pesa 2GD’s power source stand out?

A2: The Easy Pesa 2GD boasts an innovative rechargeable battery, a standout feature that eliminates the need for power outlets or specialized ATEX-rated power cables in hazardous zones. This not only enhances convenience but also simplifies installation.

Q3: What advantages does the stainless steel construction offer?

A3: The Easy Pesa 2GD’s construction from high-grade stainless steel goes beyond durability – it guarantees resistance to corrosion, a crucial trait in rugged environments. This choice of material ensures the longevity and reliability of the weighing scales.

Q4: How does the Easy Pesa 2GD ensure safety in hazardous zones?

A4: Designed with a meticulous focus on hazardous ATEX zones, the Easy Pesa 2GD adheres to stringent safety standards. Its certifications, including Ex II 2G IIC T4 Gb X and Ex II 2D IIIC T197°C Db X, affirm its commitment to safety, offering peace of mind in high-risk settings.

Q5: What level of precision can you expect from the Easy Pesa 2GD?

A5: Precision is non-negotiable in hazardous environments, and the Easy Pesa 2GD delivers remarkable accuracy. Its consistent and reliable measurements are vital for maintaining safety and operational efficiency within ATEX zones.

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