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About Ohaus world of electronic Industrial scales and Laboratory balances

Welcome to the world of electronic scales Ohaus

As a global corporation and large offices of the group in many countries around the world including the US, France, Denmark, Germany, ... OHAUS weighing factory segment by geographical area and price Flores in the consumer market, best meet the accuracy and product price. In the Asian market the factory supplies the market located in China.

Ohaus Corporation produces and market a large line of electronic scales to meet the needs of most weighing needs. We are one of the leading global manufacturers in the laboratory weighing, educational scales, industrial scale equipment as well as a series of specialty markets, including weighing and food standard equipment. , pharmaceutical scales, jewelry retail scales and industries. A standard ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer, Ohaus products are accurate, reliable and affordable, and supported by leading industrial customers.


OHAUS has been producing safe, precise, and reliable scales, analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment since Gustav and Karl Ohaus founded the company in 1907. We have evolved alongside the industries we serve, ensuring we not only meet their needs today, but anticipate their needs of tomorrow. This is the OHAUS Advantage - built on the core principles of TrustAgilityIngenuity, and Commitment.

Welcome to Ohaus World Weighing Scale

OHaus weighing products provided to the market through agents and products Ohaus are quite popular with most users in Vietnam. for the national market.

The strong products of Ohaus electronic scales such as: Ohaus small scale, Ohaus analysis balance, Ohaus moisture drying scales, Ohaus experimental scales, Ohaus technical scales, Ohaus gold scale, Ohaus electronic table scales, weighing scales, scales removed Ohaus bag, Ohaus electronic hanging scales, Ohaus industrial floor scales, Ohaus supermarket scale, ohaus pallet scales, ohaus accurate scale, ... Loadcell load sensor measurement device and indicator scales, ... .. Ohaus industry is diverse and a variety of categories, created for Ohaus to win a fairly large market share in Vietnam. The golden lotus also in this trend has chosen good weights and equipment provided to customers.


As Global Corporations and Large Corporate Offices in many Countries Around The World Including The US, France, Denmark, Germany, ... Ohaus Factory Segmentation by Geographic Area and Price Availability in the Consumer Market, To Best Meet The Accuracy and Cost of Products. In Asian Markets Offer Factory Located in China Market.

Ohaus Corporation Manufactures and Markets An Extensive Line of Balances and Scales that meet the demands of Virtually Any Weighing Need. We are one of the Global Leaders in the Laboratory, Education, Industrial Channels As Well As A Host of Specialty Markets, Including Food Preparation, Pharmacy, Retail and Jewelry Industries. An ISO 9001: 2008 Manufacturer, Ohaus Products are Precise, RelimeBle and Affordable, and are BacKed by Industry-Leading Customer Support.

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