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Website - is probably no stranger to you in today's technologically advanced era. Website is really like a "home" to provide utilities, information, products and services to users and customers. Weighing has been providing industry-leading precision weighing and measurement equipment in both laboratory balances and Industrial scales

Industrial Scales
Bench Scales, Compact Scales, Counting Scales,
Checkweighers, Load cells, Indicators

Retail Scales
Price calculation scale, printing price scale, barcode printing scale, sticker printing, specialized software,

Laboratory Scales
Micro, Semi-Micro, Analytical, Precision, Compact scales,
Portable Balances & Scales, Moisture Analyzers

Printers, Cables, Calibration Weights, Battery


Website - has not only become popular but also an indispensable tool for businesses Golden Lotus for business activities today. This is an effective method of promoting product information of Electronic Scales and Measuring Equipment and reaching quite effectively to Internet users in general and customers across the country. Website is considered an easy tool to take care of potential customers and expand target customers for businesses.

On the other hand, the website - is an important and effective step in implementing the company's marketing strategy. For customers, using social networks, viewing information on the website is the simplest and fastest way to fully grasp the necessary information of products and services and is a simple way to search. suppliers, collect information of important partners for business and production facilitation.

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