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About Golden Lotus Measuring Equipment Company

Golden Lotus MEC provides Electronic Scales and Measuring Equipment for applications ranging from airline baggage scales, bench scales, truck portable scales, hanging scales …. for most Market Retail scales, weight portable mobile, crane scale, load cells and weighing indicator.

If you are in need of Buying new electronic products or using product repair services and still have not found a suitable company, you can completely find our business. Golden Lotus With the ideal of becoming one of the best customer-focused companies, the No. 1 company in Electronic Scales and Measuring Instruments offers buyers the best services in the market.

We always try our best to reform with the goal of “buyer is god, must take care of buyer’s enjoyment”. So, we are working harder and harder, perfecting ourselves to be fully compatible with buyers. When using our services, you will enjoy many benefits and privileges of requesting on-site support. Besides, we always deploy, upgrade and improve daily to be more compatible with buyers.

With a team of dynamic, young and creative staff who update product information and product features. With many years of experience in the service industry, together with top standards of operation and customer service, we guarantee your best interests when using electronic weighing products and measuring equipment and services. Repair and upgrade service of Golden Lotus Company.

Electronic scales and measuring equipment:

  • Electronic balance analytic laboratory LAB
  • Electronic precision balance, Gold scale
  • Weighing to determine moisture, solid content
  • Waterproof Scales Electronic floor scales
  • Electronic bench scale from 30-500kg
  • Weighing Samples by Quantity
  • Electronic Hanging Scales with hook
  • Scales and prints slips or labels
  • Pocket Electronic Scales
  • Industrial electronic scales
  • Cattle scales, poultry scales, slim scales
  • Mechanical scales, spring clock scales
  • Electric forklift scales
  • Electronic truck weighing station from 20 tons to 120 tons
  • Weighing system Bag weighing system
  • Packing weighing system
  • Checkweighers (checker)
  • Weighing tanks, containers
  • Conveyor scales Electronic weighing accessories & components
  • Weighing Indicator
  • Load cell
  • Junction Box
  • Test weight
  • Light Board (Matrix Led)

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