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About Dini Argeo Electronic Scales and Weighing systems

Dini Argeo is a company specialising in the production of weighing systems. With their mechanical, electronic and I.T. knowledge, Dini Argeo offers solutions in the area of mechatronics, ranging from mobile weighing systems to scales for commercial and industrial use. This includes a wide range of components, electronic solutions and software, for industrial automation and systems integration.

Dini Argeo boasts over 100 years of experience in the area of weighing, batching and industrial automation. The company offers state of the art technology, which guarantees the highest levels of precision, keeping to international standards.


Dini Argeo has been active since 1846, producing scales and weighing systems. The company has been listed, since 02/04/1906 on the Registro dei Fabbricanti Metrici, the register of metric manufacturers.


- Waterproof scales, electronic floor scales, electronic bench scales from 30-500kg, Sample Counting Scales by quantity, Electronic Crane Scales with hooks

- Industrial electronic scales, livestock scales, poultry scales, flake scales Electric forklift scale, Electronic truck weighing station from 20 tons to 120 tons

- Checkweigher (checker), Electronic weighing accessories & components, Display head (weighing Indicator), Force sensor (Load cells), Junction box (Juction Box), Standard weight (test weight), Light panel (Matrix Led)


The European manufacturer has a wide range of electronic industrial scales with capacities from 100g to 100 tons that can meet most industries in industry and manufacturing, Dini Argeo's Scales are easy to use with Diverse features and intuitive conversion.


The manufacturer from Europe provides a wide range of high standard measuring devices, such as load cells for both digital and analog types, weighing display with lots of features. Besides, accessories are always available when customers need them.

At Golden Lotus MEC we can supply and install any product from a basic weigh platform through to a custom solution using touch screen terminals interfaced to simple printers through to PC systems. So whether you require a simple bench scale or something more sophisticated, our comprehensive line of quality scales will enable us to supply the right solution to your needs. One of the principal activities of the company is to provide Electronic scales, of check-weighing and counting scales on a nationwide basis and we have the stock of equipment available in the country (Vietnam). For a competitive quotation just contact our sales team.

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