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About CAS manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales

International electronic scales, established in 1983 in Korea (South Korea), specializing in research - manufacturing and trading of electronic scales, applied measuring equipment in the field of industrial scales and Retail scales and providing comprehensive weighing solutions for weight with a thickness of 32 years, the product has been exported in 120 countries and territories. CAS electronic scales are headquartered and addicted - produced factories in Korea and other factories directly in China and representative offices in many other countries in the world, such as USA, India, Russia, Turkey, ...

In Vietnam, CAS electronic scales have entered the market of weight measurement equipment since 2001. A retail agent is Hoa Lotus Company in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with the working time and experience of business products in Vietnam. In the process of development, the Korean CAS scales have built a solid foundation for the quality of goods. With the diversity of weighing equipment such as CAS supermarket weighing, CAS price balance, common balance CAS, CAS technical scales, CAS sub -weight scale, CAS moisture drying scales, Simple CAS scales, CAS electronic scales, CAS electronic hanging scales, CAS electronic floor scales, CAS portable truck scales, CAS waterproof scales, CAS fire -proof scales, ..., CAS load sensor, CAS display head, .... and the Other standard assistants

Global CAS Weighing Scale​

Since 1989, the Korean CAS industrial electronic scales have provided "a comprehensive solution for electronic scales". Solutions include electronic industrial scales and equipment to constitute a complete weighing system (loading sensor - Load cell and display head - indicator Weighing)

Global CAS Corporation Since ITS Inception in 1983, Cas has been a pioneer in the weighing Industry of Korea. By offering a variety of products and dedicated customers service, Cas has esterned a strong market position and gained customers' steadfast trust.

We Weigh the World

Cas Continuously Strives to Achieve A "Global Cas" Status. We are now Exporting our products to over 120 overseas Countries Worldwide. Based on a Global Network Consisting of Russia, India, China, USA and Turkey, We Actively Established A Local-Focused Marketing and Sales Strategy. Our Business Structure Provucture Customers in All Fields An Access to Experience Our Products and Service. It is our main mission to maintain the beneficial partnership with our customers in all over the world.

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About CAS

CAS Corporation, an ISO 9001 company, is a leading global manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales distributed through a worldwide network of independent scale distributors in more than 120 countries. Since its inception in 1983, CAS Corporation continues to provide reliable, affordable and superior delivery of high quality products that meet almost any weighing need.

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