Weighing scale and load cell for you

Most our products internationally leading technology provider covering the segments of Laboratory, Industry, Retail solution and jewellery. The world wide company currently over 200 style weighing scales and load cell. The company manufactures equipment and systems featuring weighing, measurement and automation technology for laboratory and Industrial applications and label commercial scales for retail market.

We have product certificate like NTEP, OIML, EX, EC type approval & CE; ensure quality of our product and production process are according international standards.


Electronic Scales world

The Manufacture weight and measurement equipment world:
hundreds of balance and precision measuring equipment,
meet the needs of the user and multi-application scales and weighing systems for industrial.



Target measuring equipment standards

Balance improvement and equipment to meet the technical criteria and new technology,
We offer highly effective and accurate measurement,
standardized as ISO approved legal for trade units,
most plants, factories, production, pre-processing, processing, as-processing, manufacturing, packaging ...

Shipping Description

(Viet Nam around local) When ordering at the Golden Lotus - you will receive take home goods and technical personnel manual.

- Shipping cost will be calculated (if distance beyond delivery free) or weight and bulky size, shipping costs will be calculated according to (km) and means of transportation.

- Transport costs in Viet Nam by the shipping company in the country and internationally will have the quote at the time of the request to a specific area.

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