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Electronic weighing

A weighing scale (usually just "scales" in UK and Australian , "weighing machine" in south Asian English or "scale" in US English)

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Application and use

Weighing scales are used in industrial and commercial applications, from feathers to loaded tractor-trailers are sold by weight.

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Electronic scales for industrial categories

Golden Lotus Weighing and Digital Scales

We offer a full line of digital scales and Balances: Ohaus, Sartorius,CAS, AND Weighing and many more. Digital scales for almost any type of electronic scale such as digital jewelry scales, digital Medical scales, digital Crane Scales, digital floor Scales, digital Laboratory Balances and many more.. at Golden Lotus weighing

Lab / Analytical Digital Scales

Sophisticated analytical scales - both electronic and digital scales - for laboratory, pharmacy and anywhere where tight precision is a must. With laboratory scales, yes Golden Lotus weighing - lotusscale.com from respected manufacturers such as AND Weighing, CAS Equipment , Ohaus and Sartorius, you can be sure you're getting the utmost in quality and features for your budget.

Baby Scales

Baby scales for use in hospital, doctors office, nursery or home. Both mechanical and digital baby scales from AND Weighing, CAS Equipment , Ohaus and Sartorius


Bariatric scales designed to weigh heavy patients with a body weight of 550 pounds or more from CAS, Ohaus and Jadever. Fast shipping worldwide, secure online ordering, and don't forget about our Low Price Guarantee.


With four different solar powered electronic bathroom scales and one portable bathroom scale (small enough to carry in your suitcase!), you're sure to find one that meets your need for the home.

Counting Scales

Professional quality digital counting scales from Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, CAS, and A&D. Always in stock and always at huge discounts.

Farmers Market Scales

With the growing trend of farmers markets we here at lotusscale.com have compiled a short list of our most popular portable Digital Legal for Trade scales.

Floor Scales

Great selection of top brands of Electronic Floor Scales like Cas, Mettler toledo, Ohaus and Jadever. For all your Industrial needs.

Food Service Scales

Bakery and meat counter, to the digital point of sale price computing scales at checkout, to Tanita's portion control scales for restaurant and cafeteria, to Chatillon's mechanical hanging scales for the produce department, we have the right scale to meet your needs and your budget.

Industrial Scales

Scales for industrial use from the world's leading manufacturers - Ohaus, Tanita, CAS, and Jadever. Electronic and mechanical toploading scales for general weighing. Digital industrial crane scales for super heavy loads.

Digital Jewelry Scales

Electronic digital jewelry scales from CAS, Ohaus and Jadever. Several different models to choose from in many different capacities for weighing diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones, gold, and silver.

Kitchen Scales

Several different economical kitchen scales to choose, perfect for use in kitchen as a cooking or diet scale, in office as for weighing mail for postage or in the craft room for weighing wax for candle making or other arts and crafts.

Legal for Trade Scales

Both mechanical and electronic digital scales from CAS, Ohaus, Mettler toledo and Jadever and more - (NTEP Approved) all certified Legal for Trade.

Medical Scales

We offer a full line of Professional Medical Scales for medical professional like doctor offices, homecare, visiting nurse, hospital Healh clubs and more...

Pallet Jack Scales

These digital pallet truck scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weights. The Pallet Jack Scales have been designed for use in rugged areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines.

Retail Storefront Scales

Label printing scales for deli, grocery store, bakery, Farmers Market or meat counter, price computing scales for grocery, Mechanical dial hanging scales for produce and more...

Shipping Scales

We are pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of hard-working, heavy-duty shipping scales from Ohaus, CAS,  Mettler Toledo and Jadever - always in stock, and always at competitive prices.

Veterinary Scales

Veterinary Scales are available in various sizes and capacities for weighing small, medium and large animals.

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