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On the website of Golden Lotus, content and images under copyright, and according to the manufacturer, Golden Lotus is a member of the global distribution system should be in accordance with this Convention reserves the right to publish and disseminate content, images of the supplier / manufacturer. The parameters and product features have been compiled in accordance with each product, the image is updated by category and classification at the time of the latest ship, indicate the source if reproduced.

The copyright in Vietnam has been defined in detail in the Civil Code of 2005, the Intellectual Property Law and Decree 100 / ND * CP / 2006 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of The Civil Code of Intellectual Property Law on Copyright and Related Rights. Accordingly, Copyrights are the rights of organizations and individuals for the work they have created or property, including the following rights:

Human rights body

- Named to work

- Stand name or pseudonym on the work have his name or pseudonym when the work is published or used;

- Publication of a work or allow others to publication;

- Protecting the integrity of the work, not for others fix, cropping or distorting the work in any manner prejudicial to the honor or reputation of the author.

Property rights

- Make derivative works;

- To perform the work publicly;

- Copy files;

- Distribution, import the original or copies of the work;

- Communicate the work to the public by means of wire, radio, electronic communications network or any other technical means;

- Rental of the original or copies of cinematographic works, computer programs.

The work is protected under the copyright works in the field of literature, science and art.

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