Electronic scale applications


Here is a range of analytical scales that offer a dependable precision weighing performance. Precise weight measurement is a must for laboratories and these high quality analytical scales are designed to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

This is a high accuracy analytical scale which is ideal for schools, laboratories and industrial applications where very accurate weight readings are needed.



High quality heavy duty regular shipping scales that are the choice of professionals. These shipping scales will make your shipping process more reliable and efficient. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. For shipping drums you can check out our drums can. They can be customized for your needs.

Wheel Weighers are used to check truck weights and avoid costly tickets. Standard capacity is 10 tons and 15 tons. Total capacity is 60,000 tons. Flush mount pit frames and other sizes are available.




The pallet truck scale provides the user a great option to measure the weight as it is moved from one place to other. This type of weighing scale is basically a pallet truck, which has an inbuilt weight measuring system that displays weight readings of the objects placed on it. The elegant combination of a pallet truck and a weighing scale does away with the need of a separate operation to weigh an object and therefore saves time and money.

Here is a high quality industrial pallet scale. The strain gauges used are of very high quality and the load cells are designed to give an accurate performance in the entire capacity range of the scale.



Here is great digital shipping scale that will save you time and money by making your operations more efficient. A range of high quality stainless steel scales which give a great performance and are easy to maintain. You have convenient options for cleaning such as a stainless steel wash down scale and a stainless steel lift top scale.

It is an easy to use heavy duty scale that will take your of your weight measurement needs even if you need to weigh objects as heavy as a 1000 lbs.

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