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Golden Lotus Weighing and scale is a high service level authorized distributor of industrial weighing products, electronic components, and load cell products with retail commercial, industrial and other weighing or balance solution.


Golden Lotus has grown to become the foremost local electronics scale distributor with an Ho Chi Minh city local profile. As a electronic scale trade company, Golden Lotus (Hoa Sen Vang) has expanded on its local, personal focus, and added a global presence to its customer orientation. Add in excellent service combined with 99.9% order and shipping accuracy, and you have a powerful supply chain solution to meet customer demands.


Golden Lotus weighing understands that customers are more than an account number – they are people first and customers second. That’s why Golden Lotus (Hoa Sen Vang) offers multiple service options to satisfy every need. A network of sales offices across Viet Nam provides personal expertise from a dedicated account manager who knows and understands local industries and local needs. The Golden Lotus (Hoa Sen Vang) website,, offers more than 200 products, and is a powerful tool for purchaser, especially as it now provides complete tax and delivery date information at the time of order.

As well, customers enjoy Golden Lotus (Hoa Sen Vang) advanced search functions and innovative when searching for solutions for everything from part  to maintenance and repair and more. For those who prefer to use both a print and an electronic source, Golden Lotus (Hoa Sen Vang)  distributes catalogs at no cost to its customers.

Golden Lotus Categories of electronic scale:

- Analytical Balances
- Animal weighing
- Milligram Balances
- Precision Balances
- Portable Scales
- Micro balances
- Pocket digital scales
- Baby Scales
- Bariatric Scales
- Bathroom Scales
- Bench Scales
- Crane Scales
- Counting Scales
- Chair Scales
- Educational Balances
- Explosion Proof
- Filter Balances
- Fishing & Game Scales
- Floor Scales
- Food/Deli Scales
- Force Gauges
- Handrail Scales
- Health Care Scales
- High Capacity
- Indicators weighing
- Industrial Balances
- Jewelry Scales
- Kitchen Scales
- Legal For Trade Scales
- Mechanical Scales
- Medical Beam Scales
- Micro Balances
- Moisture Balances
- Money Counting
- NTEP Scales OIML Scales
- Pallet Scales
- Parts Counting Scales
- Physician Scales
- Prescription Scales
- Price Computing Scales
- Pro Bodyfat Scales
- Semi-Micro Balances
- Shipping Scales
- Veterinary Scales
- Washdown Scales
- Wheelchair Scales
- Accessories and parts
- Iron Calibration Weights
- Inox Calibration Weights

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