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LH1X Series Label Printing Hanging Scale

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LH1X Series Hanging Scale

( Electronic scales LH1X weighing scale and decal printing labels, applied to the chain stores, hotels and restaurants and supermarkets, PERFECT supermarket solutions to weighing commercial this great Golden Lotus weighing scale introduced to you, LH1X retail scale solutions made from famous Aclas manufacturer with the benefits from the technology. “World close to you – hands to hands”

Quick Specifications

- Accuracy: 1/3,000(15kg 5g)

- Printing Speed: 80mm/s Max

- Sampling rate: 3 Hz Sampling Rate

- Memory capacity: Standard 16Mbit

- Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz 1A


A product of Aclas, LH1X retail scale series hanging scale is suitable for large and medium supermarkets, fresh seafood and other aquatic areas where needs label printing. Anti-swing, adjustable buckles, patent removable and renewable hot keypad and other designs free you from possible problems during usage.

Pull-out and vertical paper load mechanism makes convenient for paper installation. Electronic retail scales Clear printing effect, user friendly and double-sided automatic backlit LCD display features make you and your customers much closer. Supply by (A Golden Lotus scale company at South of   VietNam).

Technical data


Functional features

1. Patent anti-swing design, quickly stop swing.

2. Adjustable height according to the specific need.(Patent).

3. Patent hot keypad (84*2 keys) design, which can be lifted up to put PLU sheet underneath. Fast to operate, easy to clean and water-proof.

4. User friendly and fully featured scale sofware, able to carry out PLU, network, inventory and batch management.

5. Ethernet port. WIFI module(optional).

* LH1X Retail scales, electronic supermarket sales intelligence solutions and solve most of the problems related to the purchase and sale of business and retail, supermarket weighing scales solution Golden Lotus is full of devices and electronic scales, label printing scales, pricing scales, scales printed bill, cash balance scale, supermarket electronic scales, commercial weighing scale product selection LH1X Aclas Taiwan scales to have good prices and good service mode.

* Golden Lotus retail and commercial digital weighing scales for you. Make you simple work, quickly work, increase in sales and operating profit.

* Do not hesitate to contact us for advice the weight supermarket Free at Golden Lotus ! # 08 3511 7799


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Electronic scale LH1X , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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