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Industrial price scale ER_plus-CB

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Industrial price scale ER_plus Type CB-2

- 4 direct PLUs memory function
- Adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy
- Three high-legible LCD displays with blue backlight
- Rechargeable battery operation
- EMBO Keypad *Back-light(included)

- Client-view pole display
- Dust protection cover
- Dry Battery operation


Model ERJR
Max.capacity(kg) 3/6 6/15 15/30
Readability(g) 1/2 2/5 5/10
External resolution 1/3,000(Dual interval)
Display digit 5/6/6 (Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Display type LCD
Operation Temperature (℃) -10 +40
Power Rechargeable, 12V DC Adapter
Bettery life 180hrs(without backlight)


Standard type: 304(W) x 324(D) x 106(H)

Pole type: 304(W) x 324(D) x 413(H)

Product Weight(kg) Standard type: 3.5 Pole type: 4.8

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