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Precision balance OHAUS Pioneer 4101 Series

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Precision balance OHAUS Pioneer 4101 Series

  • Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Percent
  • Removable stainless steel weighing platform, high contrast LCD display, fixed integral weigh below hook, all-glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors on 0.1mg and 1mg models, front levelling bubble, menu and calibration locks

Unit weigh:

  • Milligram
  • Gram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Carat
  • Pennyweight
  • Ounce Troy
  • Grain
  • Newton
  • Hong Kong Tael
  • Singapore Tael
  • Taiwan Tael
  • Momme
  • Tical
  • Baht
  • Mesghal
  • Tola

Pioneer™ Analytical and preciseness Balances

- High Performance at a cost-effective worth Get quote
- The OHAUS Pioneer Series: the latest line of balances, basic level however full featured and easy to use. With the correct combination of performance and options, the OHAUS Pioneer offers uncomplicated performance for all of your basic deliberation desires.
- Analytical models have capacities from 65g to 210g and incorporate an outsized draftshield with slippy high and aspect doors. preciseness models supply capacities from 150g to 4100g and readabilities to zero.1g.
- Pioneer has been designed with associate degree up-front level indicator, so users will quickly make sure the balance is level before use.
Selectable Environmental Settings, 3 filter modes and alterable zero following adjust balance sensitivity to environmental disturbances, or application needs

Photo Model Code Item Nr. Capacity Readability Platform Test Weight
PA64 80251550 65g 0.1mg 90mm 50g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA114 80251551 110g 0.1mg 90mm 100g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA214 80251552 210g 0.1mg 90mm 200g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA153 80251562 150g 1mg 120mm 150g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA512 80251571 510g 0.01g 180mm 500g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA1502 80251572 1500g 0.01g 180mm 1500g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA4101 80251575 4100g 0.1g 180mm 4000g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA313 80251621 310g 1mg 120mm 300g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1
PA3102 80251623 3100g 0.01g 180mm 3000g, OIML E2 or ASTM Class 1

Analytical Balances / Precision Balances / Micro scale / Laboratory scale

Accurate precision measuring for laboratory weighing applications requiring 0.1 milligram to 10 micrograms readability. AND Weighing, Mettler-Toledo, Ohaus, Sartorius balances at deep discount prices. Precision Weighing Balances offers the entire line of analytical balances including the new Series. Some is made in the USA and offers 210 g x 0.1mg all model features a large display for easy viewing. When need a 100g x 0.0001g shipped today be sure to see the kind of our Analytical balance

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