Bench scale YHT3 (kg)

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Bench scale YHT3 (kg)

These products are simple to setup and targeted for the "out of box market". All scales are not created equally and you might spend a few dollars extra today for quality, design and support, YHT3 bench scales are perfect for the food industry, paint, and even pharmaceuticals.

Select weighing resolution while the non-NTEP 


Platform Size Column Parts

30 x 5g

300 x 400 NO LED, Battery

60 x 10g

400 x 500 YES LED, Battery

100 x 10g

400 x 500 YES LED, Battery

150 x 20g

425 x 525 YES LED, Battery

300 x 50g

500 x 600 YES LED, Battery


Bench scale / Industrial scales / Washdown scale / Heavy duty bench / Portable scale

Our industrial scales come in a variety of sizes and idyllic functions for a large variety of industrial weighing applications. We offer heavy-duty Platform Scales, Pallet Weighers, Counting Scales, Digital Indicators, Remote Displays, Crane Scales, Check-weighers, and large selection of diverse Load Cells including Single Point, Shear Beam, S-Type, Canister, Low Profile / Miniature Load Cells and Weighbridge Load Cells.

Basic Bench Scales are ideal for general industrial use in dry applications and feature a stainless steel pan, painted steel construction with a high-impact ABS indicator. Application modes include weighing, simple parts counting, and weighs in lb, oz, lb:oz, g or kg units.

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Bench scale YHT3 (kg) Bench scale YHT3 (kg) Electronic weighing - Measuring equipment reach 1926 query visit.
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Electronic scale YHT3-B , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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