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Wheel portable scale RW – 5Series

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Wheel portable scale RW – 5Series Golden Lotus Scale -!- Contact and Order

Wheel portable scale RW – 5S/L Series

We provide reliable and robust options for vehicle weighing applications. Our Weigh-Pads are designed for Multiple Axle Weighing and are highly flexible with various arrangements achieved by inserting dummy plates. Our CAS Ezy Lodec Weighbridges are of a modular design allowing for easy shipping, installation and relocation. Expand in length & capacity with additional modules, reaching up to 24 meters. Fully galvanized body structure for superior protection against rust and corrosion.


- Easy to carry portable type
- Possible to display weight of each wheel or of total wheels
- Semipermanent structure made from stainless steel or aluminum
- Outstanding water resistant and vibration-proof effect
- Easy-to measure small/large size vehicle
- Used for finding over-loaded vehicle and Weighing test when car is let out
- Auto back light & high accuracy
- Rechargeable battery : AA size
- Bulit-in indicator & compact size

Model Capacity Dimension (mm)
RW-05S 5000kg x 2kg 536 x 458 x 60
RW-10S 10000kg x 5kg 536 x 458 x 60
RW-05L 5000kg x 2kg 566 x 718 x 60
RW-10L 10000kg x 5kg 566 x 718 x 60

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Electronic scale RW-5S , supply by Golden Lotus scales.

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