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Analytical balances CA Series

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Analytical balances CA Series

CAS CA Analytical Balances are sophisticated balances with high stability, durability and provide speedy results. These Lab balances are equipped with a monolithic sensor, allowing the balances to be used in various environments.

  • Built-in clock (CAW, CAY)
  • Analog bar graph display
  • Motor-driven calibration weight (CAW, CAX)
  • Fully-automatic calibration: PCS (CAW)
  • Clock-calibration (CAW)
  • Full digital control method
  • Windows direct function
  • Anti-vibration
  • Ready for specific gravity measurements
  • Doors open wide in 3 directions
  • Piece counting function
  • RS-232C interface
  • Unit conversion


CA Series
 Model Max. Capacity (g) Readability (mg) Pan Size (mm)
 CAW 120 0.1 ø 80
 CAW 220 0.1 ø 80
 CAW 320 0.1 ø 80
 CAX 120 0.1 ø 80
 CAX 200 0.1 ø 80
 CAY 120 0.1 ø 80
 CAY 220 0.1 ø 80

Model PSC (calibrate) Internal (calibrate) Clock CAL Analog Bar Graph Windows Direct Piece Counting Specific Gravity
CAW tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif
CAX - tick.gif - tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif
CAY - - - tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif

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Precision Weighing Balances offers the entire line of analytical balances including the new Series.

CAS has been a leader in the industry for their competitively priced retail scales. From the sophisticated LP-1000 and LP-2 Label Printing Scales for grocery or deli, to the WW-series portion control scales for cafeteria or restaurant, to their heavy-duty Industrial crane scales, CAS has the right digital scale to meet your specifications.

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