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A weighing scale (usually just "scales" in UK and Australian , "weighing machine" in south Asian English or "scale" in US English)

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Weighing scales are used in industrial and commercial applications, from feathers to loaded tractor-trailers are sold by weight.

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Golden Lotus Scales and industrial scales can provide digital scales to fit any application, including custom applications on digital scales of any kind of weight. We have electronic Scales, grace gram, balanced mini, small-scales, food scales, kitchen scales, bathroom scales, pocket electronic scales, hanging scales, portable scales, electronic scales Laboratory scales analytical, ...

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Aclas label printing scale profile

Pinnacle Technology Corporation is a Taiwanese manufacturer established back in 1982, with headquarter in Taipei and two factories including R&D center (about 110 engineers) located in mainland China. Pinnacle develops, manufactures, and sells innovative commercial devices under ACLAS brand, which have been registered in 50 and 32 countries respectively.

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Electronic scales for industrial categories

We offer a full line of digital scales and Balances: Ohaus, Sartorius,CAS, AND Weighing and many more. Digital scales for almost any type of electronic scale such as digital jewelry scales, digital Medical scales, digital Crane Scales, digital floor Scales, digital Laboratory Balances and many more.. at Golden Lotus weighing

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What is electric scale ?

Electronic scale is a measurement device used to determine the weight of an object. Electronic balance the kind commonly used in laboratories, in the shops, supermarkets, shopping centers ... all kinds of electronic scales larger than those used in factories and industries.

Each type of electronic scales are designed in a different load, depending on each application that loads and wrong choice of linear, jump (e, d). The manufacturer recommends that the weight of the animal should not be inconsistent with the weight, balance the load, the plane set an uneven balance, tremors .... specific to each manufacturer (CAS, Ohaus, Mavin, Mettler Toledo, DIBAL, Digi ..), high strength, long service life.

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