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Electronic scale Lines


Electronic scale Golden Lotus


Any more

We weigh what you want the most accurate

Can dien tu accurate to the microgram golden lotus 2014 up !


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Laboratory balance

Laboratory balance

High accuracy balance for laboratory, pharmacy and anywhere where tight precision is a must.  With laboratory scales from respected, you can be sure you're getting the utmost in quality and features for your budget.

Analytical balances / Micro scale

Golden lotus scales

Golden lotus scales

Welcome to Golden lotus, Right here you will find a great selection of electronic scales with multi-model. We satisfactoriness carry a wide range of electronic scales to meet the specific needs of your application.

Golden lotus scales

Retail and price scale

Retail and price scale

Label Printing Scale has the functions you need at an affordable price. Includes Supper software package. Use in supermarkets, specialty stores, Label printing scales for grocery store, bakery, farmers market or meat counter, deli's and more!

Price scale / Retail scale


Industrial scale

Industrial scale

Industry scale is an ideal scale for use in many industrial applications. With it's check weigh function and counting feature, the All Series industry Scale is sure to serve your needs. Legal for trade is option.

Bench scale / Crane scale / Floor scale

  • Laboratory balance

    Laboratory balance

  • Golden lotus scales

    Golden lotus scales

  • Retail and price scale

    Retail and price scale

  • Weighing spare parts

    Weighing spare parts

  • Industrial scale

    Industrial scale

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Electronic scale

Image A weighing scale (usually just "scales" in UK and Australian , "weighing machine" in south Asian English or "scale" in US English)

Application and use

Image Weighing scales are used in many industrial and commercial applications, and products from feathers to loaded tractor-trailers are sold by weight.

Spare parts

Image Our lines has been specializing in producing the spare parts of the electronic scale, and can make as customer's design.

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